For the normal growth of all plants,certain conditions are requiredsuch asthe quality of the soil where they grow, etc. Earth mixshould be permeable to air and water in order to provide sufficient air-filled pore space.

In agriculture,vermiculite is used as follows:

  • biostimulant containing micronutrients in a balanced proportion required for the active growth of plants’root system
  • soil moisture stabilizer for improving soil fertility due to its unique water holding capacity
  • efficient absorbentof excess moisture and fertilizers
  • pH stabilizer of soil acid-base balance
  • prevents washing of nutrients in the soil, increases the effect to fertilizers;
  • combined with other pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides,it reduces dust formation, avoidsroughing of these chemicals and evenly distributes them within the soil
  • excellent drainage material
  • prevents soil from drying and caking
  • antiseptic properties to prevent diseases and root rotting
  • ideal substrate for hydroponics and grafting
  • the best storage media for transportation of seedlings

Exfoliated vermiculite is an air-adding, water-holding and pH regulating soil supplement.

Vermiculite has neutral acidity and containsa considerable reserve of microelements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminum, iron and silicon.

In livestock breeding, exfoliated vermiculite is widely used as an inert carrier and medium for vitamins, food, medicines and supplements given to animals.

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