Vermiculite is widely used in the construction sector. It has high thermal and acoustic-insulating properties and fire resistance. It is also an efficient protective material against radiation. Vermiculite is long-lasting and ecofriendly, it does not decay and prevents the spread of mildew fungi.

In case of fire and high temperatures, exfoliated vermiculite does not release any gas emissions, which is an important advantage compared to other organic insulating materials. It is absolutely harmless to human health even when being subjected to extremely high temperatures. Its specific properties facilitate premises to “breathe” and keep constant temperature and humidity levels.

The wide application of vermiculite in constructionhas also economic advantages compared to other conventionally used materialsnot only in viewofreducing the weight of particular structures, but also for cost-cutting purposes.

Exfoliated vermiculite is the most efficient thermal insulation material. It has been successfully used in construction works for applying thermal insulation to exterior walls, attic premises, floor insulation. Another important advantage of exfoliated vermiculite is that it easily fillsupirregularly shaped gaps, hollows and cavities.

It is well-known that vermiculite is utilized in the production of lightweight thermal insulation and refractory concretes; light acoustic and decorative panels, roofs, bricks and coatings for building structures; fireproof and soundproof ceramics; insulation of reactors, heat exchangers, furnaces and refrigeration installations.

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HELIX EOOD was established in 1995. The company is specialized in performing the following activities:

  • geological exploration of mineral resources
  • project development for issuance of prospecting and exploration licenses
  • еxtraction and prospecting of non-metal minerals – industrial mineral resources



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