The main advantages of exfoliated vermiculite is its safety, chemical inertness, water holding capacity, absorption and ion-exchange properties. Today, in industrial livestock and poultry breeding particular attention has been paid to toxinneutralization. Mycotoxins, heavy metal salts, radionuclides, biphenyls, pesticides and other harmful substances contained in food supplements have a negative effect on animals’health and productivity. Individually these substances do not exceed the admissible standard limits, but being in the animal body, their harmful effects are recapitulated. In order to neutralize toxins, mineral absorbents such as vermiculite are used.Unlike other absorbents, vermiculite does not harm the animal’s gastrointestinal tract.

Furthermore, vermiculite is used as efficient bedding material for optimum microclimate in poultry farms– it prevents the spread of molds and other harmful organisms.

About us

HELIX EOOD was established in 1995. The company is specialized in performing the following activities:

  • geological exploration of mineral resources
  • project development for issuance of prospecting and exploration licenses
  • еxtraction and prospecting of non-metal minerals – industrial mineral resources



Sofia 1303
4 Strandzha Str.

Raw Vermiculite Separating Installation::
Village of Gara Elin Pelin 2100
1 Stara Planina Str.


Phone: + 359 (2) 902 69 21 
Mobile: + 359 876/800 484


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