Exfoliated vermiculite is used in mining operations as a compacting material for sealing mine openings in order to preventmethane intrusion into underground mines.

In borehole drilling, exfoliated vermiculite is used as a component in drilling grouts which are needed to compensate the loss of flushing fluids. It is due to the ability of vermiculite to block and seal holes within the drilled borehole.

About us

HELIX EOOD was established in 1995. The company is specialized in performing the following activities:

  • geological exploration of mineral resources
  • project development for issuance of prospecting and exploration licenses
  • еxtraction and prospecting of non-metal minerals – industrial mineral resources



Sofia 1303
4 Strandzha Str.

Raw Vermiculite Separating Installation::
Village of Gara Elin Pelin 2100
1 Stara Planina Str.


Phone: + 359 (2) 902 69 21 
Mobile: + 359 876/800 484


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