Vermiculite is used in the production of friction parts (e.g. brake linings, clutch discs, etc.), rubber seals and automotive paints and lacquers. Its wide application in automotive industry is due to its soft and porous structure and excellent acoustic absorption.It is also preferred as an additive in the fabrication of friction components owing to its unique ability to expand and resist at high temperatures.

As a filler to friction articles, vermiculite has the following advantages over otherfillers- full conformity with health standards, asbestos-free, stable friction coefficient at elevated temperatures.

About us

HELIX EOOD was established in 1995. The company is specialized in performing the following activities:

  • geological exploration of mineral resources
  • project development for issuance of prospecting and exploration licenses
  • еxtraction and prospecting of non-metal minerals – industrial mineral resources



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Raw Vermiculite Separating Installation::
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1 Stara Planina Str.


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